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Creating Ribbon Flowers: The Nicholas Kniel Approach to Design, Style, Technique & Inspiration.

Master the art of ribbon flowers! Nicholas Kniel and Timothy Wright teach their method of creating gorgeous ribbon flowers in this collection of illustrated, step-by-step lessons. 33 flowers provide a wide range of options for any craft or sewing project. 9 project ideas inspire you to create and design your very own.

 Black and white striped ribbon the perfect finishing touch for bouqets, dresses, ribbon sash and hats. 5 inch wide Striped "My fair lady" ribbon, French stripe ribbon, Ascot stripe ribbon and many other striped ribbons.

Nicholas Kniel creates handmade mask out of fine fabrics, lace and embellishes each mask with the finest feathers, crystals, pearls and jewels. These masks can be made for an occasion balls, wedding, New Years Eve, Mardi Gras, Holloween or any special occasion.