Nicholas Kniel - Class Descriptions

Classes are $60.00 each, plus materials. Call 404-252-8855 to register or inquire about upcoming classes.

Class 1 - Pulled Wire Rose -

Create a bed of roses for yourself! These beautiful roses are easy and can be used to embellish your gifts, dresses, coat, lampshade, pillow or hat.

Class 2 - Heirloom Rose Class -

Class 3 Gardenia -

The elegant and timeless nature of gardenias are some of Nicholas Kniel's perennial favorite.

Class 4 Poppy -

Brighten your life with these colorful flowers. Your color choices for these bright flowers are almost unlimited.

Class 5 - Tea Rose -

This popular class is a favorite for brides and any rose lover.

Class 6 - Can Can Crinkle Flower -

Nicholas Kniel was inspired form a 1905 vintage flower he had seen and designed this crinkle flower to have that same vintage flair. The crinkle flower looks great in any color or pattern.

Class 7 - Silk Folded Rose -

One of our most requested classes.

Class 8 - Hat Pin Rose -

This class is for the vintage flower lover! The hat pin rose is from the 1920.

Class 9 - Ribbon Medallion -

This Nicholas Kniel original design is as flirtatious as the coquettes who wore them. The Ribbon Medallion,and suit, hat or gift.

Class 10 - Pleated Jewel Rosette -

These colorful and elegant Nicholas Kniel designed flowers are some of our clients favorites.

Poinsettia Class -

Learn to make these flowers to have the perfect holiday embellishments on your gifts, wreaths and other holiday displays.

Cabbage Rose -

French Cockade -

Coquette Flower -

Cockscomb -